Q U O T E S . . .


A collection of quotes from teenagers on the reasons why they are depressed. If you want to contribute to the list, please write and tell me what depresses you at this address.

Feeling discouraged. Feeling alone. Feeling forgotten. Feeling used. Feeling abused. Feeling afraid. Feeling invisible. Feeling controlled. Feeling invalidated. Not feeling understood. Feeling uncared about. " When people say 'Don't be depressed' or 'Don't be sad.'"
Being screamed at. Being hit. Being told I'm a worthless piece of shit. Being called a fuck-up. " Feeling alone, and unwanted makes me depressed... Especially when no one knows whats going on in your life, but they want to get all up in your buisness. Alone is the best way to describe me, thats why I'm always depressed."
What depresses me is waking up every single morning, with so much hurt and sadness inside you. So much, to the point you want to break down and cry; but you don't. You don't because you're afraid of what others will say. You don't because you don't want anyone else to know, to know what you're going through. So everyday, you force a smile on your face, to hide it all. You're just fake, and you know it. And you hate it." What depresses me is thinking about my best friend who killed himself and is gone forever... looking into the night and suddenly realising that the only way I can see him anymore is in the stars and the memories they hold. "
What depresses me is when I'm having a great day with friends, but then remembering the cuts that cover my arms and legs and knowing that this happiness won't last." Hearing, seeing my niece be emotionally abused.  Hearing my sister say she'll knock her out, that the louder she gets, the harder she'll hit; shut up, and other past and future threats.  How my dad said "Grandma doesn't like people who don't read," which is a lie, and that he "won't have a dumbass in the family."