My mother and father have been divorced for only six months now. Yet during that time, I went through some form of emotional exhaustion due to school and other aspects in my life. There were moments that I had a strong feeling of loneliness and felt that I needed to talk to someone.

My father is a verbally and psychologically abusive man (I deem him a sociopath, and all together, a toxic person) who has no real friends but rather fixed acquaintances. Like in most toxic relationships, we would get along at a "certain distance"... in my case, walking on eggshells to avoid his rebukes. But even when my mother and I managed to leave him, he would still call us. Although, my mother and I would avoid these calls.

However, during my period of exhaustion, I felt so alone that I didn't know what to do, so my mind reverted back to an old perception I had abandoned, and I decided to talk to my father. We would discuss things on a superficial level. I would keep my distance and only discuss things that were unrelated to my mother. It wasn't before long that I began to realize I was seeking comfort from someone I knew could not help me at all. It is this perception that he could help me that I've got to overcome.

I've managed to avoid my father on a safe level. The divorce papers state that I have a say in what we do, and so far, we've not done much of anything, but even if they didn't, I'd still be avoiding him. I'm not anyone's puppet, that's what I know for certain.

I have stopped talking to him and I am beginning to regain some energy.