1. verbal abuse- I get lots of this from my stepdad. Whenever we have a
family argument he calls me some of this stuff (lazy, ungrateful,
inconsiderate, uncaring, manipulative) He also has called me cuss words
when he's really mad. And my mom, I don't think, really ever verbally abuses me, although she doesn't really do much when he does :-/

2. afraid- Some of my recurring fears are as follows. Fears of not succeeding. Fears of disappointing a lot of people if I don't make it to college. Lots of fears that if I'm not perfect academically, physically, and psychologically
that I won't be accepted...by anyone.

3. criticized- This is a big one! I feel so criticized about every thing I do.
It's like if my grades aren't A's, then I'm criticized about it.
If I ever settle for anything less then the best, no matter what, I'm
criticized heavily, I'm judged on how my friends are!! I hate that!