I have a list of stuff that my parents do and say that make me feel... like a failure.

1) They go ahead and actually SAY that I will amount to nothing and that I will never succeed in anything I do.

2) At the same time, they indirectly expect me to do good, be the best etc. Like they say it to me in "Oh, you made a B? Alright... why don't you study more?" or "Why did you not get on the principle's list? Yeah, you got on the honor roll, but guess who made the principal's list? Mary Sue, Billy Bob, and Jimmy Joe! They are sooo bright. Some people just excel at everything they do! Oh! Look, here are some more of your class mates!" or sometimes they say 'good job' to me with a less-than-proud expression on their face. Even when I get a low A, like a 93 or so, they will ask me why my grade is so low.

3) They complain about everything little thing I do wrong. My mother even goes as far as to tell me that her way of doing things is the ONLY RIGHT WAY of doing things. For example, I was once sweeping the kitchen floor after dinner. I would go around, with the sweeper, and sweep up whatever dust I see. Then my mother came up to me, yelling at how I wasn't doing it right and that I was doing a job only half way thoroughly. She told me that I had to hold the broom a certain way, sweep the dust a certain way... place the dust pan in a certain direction... She said that the way I was doing it was wrong and that hers was the right way-- yes I know I am being redundant, but I am only trying to exaggerate the harming effects of her words.

4) They will talk about me while I am around them as if I WASN'T around them. They will talk to each other about why I am such a lazy, ungrateful, stubborn person.

5) They will list out my faults They will talk about how other teens are smarter, prettier, and basically just WAY better than I am. They will talk about other parent's children and how they wished I was as determined, kind, caring, obedient, and intelligent as them.

6) They will ask me about -- when I make a B or something below an A-- other students and how they did. Of course, they only ask about students that are WAY WAY smarter than me, like Jenny Jane or Jim Bob Joe... and I am forced to tell them that they received a higher grade then me. Then they will say "Oh, how smart they are! Why can't you be like them?"

7) They will talk bad about me to my FRIENDS. They will say, "Oh, Lucy Loo, you're room is always so clean. My daughter's room is a pig sty ( that's how to spell it, right?)! You need to teach her how to clean her room!"

8) Also, they take every suggestion I voice as a blatant argument that whatever they think is wrong. For example, earlier today, I asked my father, as I was helping him move out all the furniture so we could put the carpet into the computer room, "Why didn't you put the carpet before you put the furniture in it?" He snapped back, "What is your problem? Don't you think we already thought of that? I hate people who have loud mouths and only talk and don't help!"

9) My mother uses me as an excuse to buy things that she wants. She'll tell my dad that I want something when she's the one that wants it. When my dad says 'no', he says 'no' to me and fusses me out on my bad habits and how I always want stuff that I don't need.

10) My parents tell me that I never do anything good without them having to tell me first. They say that I have NEVER EVER done any of my chores or any good things of my own volition.

Well, I could list more things, but, seeing as my fingers are about to freeze off-- its about 30 degrees right now-- I think I'll stop and drink some hot tea. Oh, here is how I feel when my parents are being unfair, which only happens about once a week-- I"m not one to go around saying that I am right and my parents are wrong just because they punished me for something that I REALLY did wrong.

When my parents are unfair, I usually try to wait until they are finished until I storm up to my room and scream into my pillow or pummel my bed with my karate gloves (or, if I'm really lucky, I get to go to karate class and spar with my sensei/instructor). Sometimes, I get so mad at them that I yell and scream back... and get hit upside the head by my father because of my attitude. Of course, sometimes I just get grounded. Other times, I get so verbally abused (you're so stupid and idiotic and dimwitted!) that I start crying. This only makes them more mad and when I try to explain how I feel, they interrupt and say that I should not be feeling that way.

Well... ok... my fingers are REALLY losing any sort of feeling in them... so... thanks for listening/reading.